Be awe-struck by the empire, power and beauty of Russia

‘Russia’ – for many the word conjures up images of a cold, hard and cruel land. Peek behind the (iron) curtain of your mind’s eye, however, and Russia reveals itself as a destination of vast and spectacular landscapes, historic cities decorated in palatial opulence and traditional cultures lost in time.

Take in the treasures of two cities touring the iconic architecture and rich art collections housed in the galleries and palaces of St Petersburg and Moscow. Discover the vast beauty of Russia and Mongolia on a Trans-Siberian railroad adventure. Cruise down the Volga River stopping along the way to visit old-worlde villages. Visit the beautiful medieval monasteries at Krillo Beposesky and the historic cities at Yarslavi and Uglich.  Venture into Genghis Kahn territory at Gorkhi-Terelji National Park and meet a nomadic Ber family. Relive the last days of the Imperial Family on a trip to Ekaterinburg.

Let our travel partners design an unforgettable odyssey for you across Mother Russia that unravels her epic history and incredible cultural legacies!

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