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Zig-zagging South to North across Argentina, your travels might begin on the shores of Antardia – the icy home of seals, whales, comical penguins and the odd scientist. Heading northwards, you would travel over the vast steppes of Patagonia and pass through the vibrantly coloured lakes, wild rivers and millennia-old forests and volcanoes of the beautiful Lake District. Arriving in Buenos Aires, you’ll experience ‘the city that never sleeps’ – with its theatres, art galleries, design fairs and kaleidoscopic architectural styles. In San Juan and La Rioja, you’ll travel back in time, visiting important paleontological sites. The verdant vineyards of the Wine Region are next on the list of exciting landscapes to explore, as are the vast and desolate plains of the Northwest. At your final destination in the North East, you’ll discover a a jungle teeming with wildlife and exotic fauna.

Our South American travel partners believe that these amazing destinations are just one part of what makes a trip to Argentina unforgettable. Creating the rest is their passion – a bespoke, luxury adventure for unique people, aimed at providing insider access to this incredible country’s manifold national treasures and experiences.

Tell us what you’re after and let us turn it into your Argentinian adventure!

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