Visit Ethiopia – the birthplace of the human race and a world apart

Perhaps one of the most diverse countries in Africa, Ethiopia has a highlight reel that reads like a Tolkien novel:

A journey to the horn of Africa will take you through the European-accented piazzas of Addis Ababa to the mosaic tribes of the Lower Omar Valley. You will travel through lush green landscapes with vast lakes and plains carpeted with flowers, to spectacular mountains embedded with ancient fossils. You will visit rock-hewn churches secreting untouchable treasures, hear myths and legends shared around ubiquitous cups of coffee, and see an astonishing range of strange and unusual animals found nowhere else on earth.

Many travellers report that a single trip is not enough to capture every exotic experience Ethiopia has to offer, which is why we’ve partnered with one of Ethiopia’s oldest and most experienced travel specialists. These passionate guides will advise and carefully plan a combination of experiences that will give you an unforgettable taste of this ancient and holy land.

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