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A luxury safari is grassy plains, dense bushvelds, mighty rivers and star-littered night skies. It’s open game-viewing vehicles, the thrill of a Big 5 sighting and being witness to the struggle between predator and prey.

It’s the stupendous peace that descends at sunset, the soaring calls of flocking birds,  the dip of an oar in a dusky river and a haunting call in the dark.

It’s friends made around a roaring campfire, a night of dreamless sleep and the feeling of peace as you sip your morning coffee and watch the sun burn its way into a brand new day.

Witnessing nature at its wildest and finest is truly a matchless experience and one that will doubtless have you coming back for more. But where will your dream safari take you? With so many epic destinations and bucket-list experiences to choose from, it’s hard to decide when, where and how one should travel.

As African safari specialists, our recommendations are hand-picked and our detailing meticulous so that when you finally answer to Africa’s call, it will be a trip that is as seamless in its planning as it is rich in adventure!

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