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Expedition to the Arctic

As far as bucket list adventures go, seeing the Northern Lights is definitely an adventure worth making a journey to the North for – particularly considering the phenomenal range of luxury travel experiences designed around not only providing travellers with a stunning view of these magically lit up dark skies, but an appealing range of fun and memorable activities you wouldn’t usually get to do at home.

We’re talking reindeer-sleigh rides, polar-bear spotting safaris, cross-country skiing, ice swimming, dog sledging and snowmobiling – and we haven’t even begun to mention the main attraction. Options like watching the beauty of the sky unfold above you from a hot spring tub, or witnessing nature’s illuminating theatrics from the futuristic comfort of your own private, purpose-built glass igloo, are all available.

So where will you travel to for your unforgettable arctic adventure? Will it be the Canadian Arctic, Norway, Iceland or Finland? Take a look at these incredible Northern Lights experiences then ask us to connect you to our Arctic expedition specialists!

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