Namibia: “Truly mind tingling…we couldn’t get enough of each place!”

The internal flights were a highlight.  The terrain is so magnificent and changing and we loved flying low to see, enjoy and appreciate how special Namibia really is.  They were all on schedule, we were confident with the pilots.

The sights….truly mind tingling…we couldn’t get enough of each place!!  Each so diverse and beyond exciting and interesting

Thanks for all your detailed efforts to make everything, and we mean everything, work so wonderfully.

We did think we would have private guides at each location.  We did at Little Kulala and were very surprised we shared guides after that.  Private guides couldn’t be arranged at Skeleton Coast due to staffing issues.  As it turned out we were 5 instead of 6 in the vehicle so Dick could have the back seat and move from side to side.  6 in the car wouldn’t have been good for us.  And, as mentioned Chris was terrific.  At Onguma, we were OK with having 4-6 in the vehicle which is their policy….had they filled the middle seat, we would have not been happy.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience, thank you, and hopefully, we will go somewhere else under your planning.

Nancy, US